Universal Law of Attraction

Isn’t it great that mankind is finally getting to understand more about the Universe we find ourselves living in. We have learned that there is a predictable formula, or set of absolute rules that exist. We know that when properly understood, we can use them to deliberately and purposely design our lives, heal ourselves, and feel the way we want to feel.

We have learned that our "emotions" are a key ingredient, our navigational guidance system.  And that we are "energy" beings who continuously offer vibrational signals.  We have learned that those signals act like a magnet to summon forth more of what we are vibrating (like attracts like).  With this information being so readily available, we now can truly be empowered to create our own health, happiness, and well being. One of my favorite teachers of Law of Attraction and Art of Allowing, is Abraham, spoken through Esther Hicks. (www.abraham-hicks.com). Abraham recently said to a large audience, in answer to why this information is coming forth: " We see you playing in the game of life, and not understanding the rules, and not having much fun or success." They went on to say they are wanting to help us understand the rules, so that we can use this information, and become the deliberate creators of our own lives. This is what has always been intended for us.  This is not New Age. The same information has been discovered and revealed through many wise ones and numerous books.   One of my favorite books that revealed great wisdom was The Isaiah Effect, Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy, written by Gregg Braden.  Found in the Dead Sea Scrolls was the power of prayer, and instructions for using it properly.  Turns out, when used in this way it attunes your desire with that of The Universe, in such a way that Law of Attraction must match your prayerful desire.


We do not have to understand or know anything about Law of Attraction for it to be working in our lives. It is always there, has always been there, and is always operating upon our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. But when we understand the principles, we can use them for our benefit. It is the difference between living our lives on "auto pilot" or on a "default setting", and being the deliberate purposeful empowered creator of our own realities.


What is so wonderful about the Abraham teachings, is that this information is coming through in current time and it is relative to our current events and concerns. This is Practical Wisdom that everyone can understand and utilize, because the Abraham teachings are applicable to everyone’s life. I thoroughly enjoy sharing these principles with my private practice clients and in my workshops and classes.


To learn more about Law of Attraction you can click on the following link and read the Abraham Teachings in Brief: http://www.abraham-teachings.com


ABE Quote from the book "Ask and It is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks:

"Your thoughts equal your point of attraction."


Now you hold the key to creating your every desire! Once you understand that your thoughts equal your point of attraction and that the way you feel indicates your level of allowing or resisting, you now hold the key to creating anything that you desire. It is not possible for you to consistently feel positive emotion about something and have it turn out badly, just as it is not possible for you to consistently feel bad about something and have it turn out well -- for the way you feel will tell you if you are allowing your natural Well-Being or not.  Our emotions are a perfectly designed guidance system, letting us know, what is on the way to us.  Learning to understand the message of our emotions, is Key to purposely designing our own lives…. 


In summary, our thoughts evoke emotions.  Our emotions are our guidance system that tell us the essence of what is on it’s way.  So, when you change your thoughts, so that they evoke a “feel good” emotion, more of that which you desire comes forth into your life.   Because, Happiness is Your Birthright.  Happiness is what we came here to experience.  And now we have a roadmap to follow.  Abraham says, “Your life is supposed to be fun”.  They also say, “Your life is supposed to feel good.”  And they remind us that, “Good, IS Good.”   I believe them, do you?


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